Sports & Physical Education

Students in Years PP-6 participate in one hour of Physical Education each week conducted by our specialist Physical Education Teacher. Sport activities and swimming lessons are a regular part of a child’s balanced educational program and all of our students are expected to participate.

Our Physical Education Program

Year PP-3 Physical Education focuses on developing fundamental movement skills.

These skills include

  • Body Management Skills including balance, stopping, landing, turning, stretching and dodging.
  • Locomotion Skills such as walking, running and leaping.
  • Object control skills such as throwing, catching, bouncing, striking and rolling.

Year 4-6 Physical Education focuses on utilizing the skills learnt in the early years in modified game situations.

Other Physical Education activities include;

  • Inter- School Team Sports held during Term 2.
  • Inter- School and Inter Faction Athletic Carnivals held during Term 4.
  • Interm Swimming is organised annually and caters for children in Years 1-6, usually in Term 4.


On enrolment, students are placed in one of four factions. Each Faction has adopted a Scientist/doctor as its emblem and an identifying colour. Each year we raise money for our factions associated charity. Students compete in their factions at swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals throughout the year.

Our Factions are:

Teo – (Charlie Teo) – This faction is Red
Stanley – (Fiona Stanley) – This faction is Green
Hollows – (Fred Hollows) – This faction is Blue
Woods – (Fiona Woods) – This faction is Yellow

On Fridays, students are required to wear Faction shirts.