ICT: One to One Chromebook Program

Tuart Forest students in Years 3-6 have their own Chromebook provided by the school to use during school hours. Tuart Forest closely monitors student online behaviour while they are at school working on their own accounts.

Students are taught about cyber safety and the importance of managing their own cyber footprint. They use their Chromebooks to support their reading, writing and maths learning at school. Students also learn how to code using their Chromebooks.

Students and parents sign a user agreement and breaches of this agreement result in a confiscation of the device and a suspension of the student’s account for a period of time. Parents are responsible for any non-accidental damage caused to the student’s Chromebook.

We are proud to provide high quality access to online learning and this is one of the unique features that set us apart.

ICT capability supports and enhances student learning across all areas of the curriculum. At Tuart Forest Primary School students develop and apply ITC knowledge, skills and appropriate social and ethical protocols and practices to investigate, create and communicate as well as developing their ability to manage and operate ICT to meet learning needs. Tuart Forest provides online services to students for learning-related activities and makes every reasonable effort to educate and protect students from exposure to inappropriate online materials and activities. Students, parents and caregivers also have a responsibility to agree to and abide by the guidelines set out by the school to access ICT resources and as such parents and students are required to complete and submit the linked Internet User Agreement.

Please click on this link to our Internet User Agreement.