Parent Information - Local Intake Area

Tuart Forest Primary School Intake Area

 Tuart Forest Primary School is a local intake school, an eligible child whose place of residence is within that area is guaranteed enrolment in the compulsory years of schooling (Pre-primary to Year 12). Children whose usual place of residence is not in the local-intake area are accommodated where possible. If the school has further capacity to accommodate children from outside the local-intake area, after making provision for local-intake area needs, the following selection criteria are to be applied in considering applications for enrolment:

First Priority

Children who reside within the local intake area or qualifying for an approved specialist program for that year.

Second Priority

Children who has a sibling also enrolled at the school in the current year, (other than siblings enrolled in specialist programs), and who live nearest the school.

Third Priority

Child who does not have a sibling enrolled at the school in the current year, or who has a sibling enrolled in a specialist program, and who lives nearest the school.