Our School - Physical Education

The mission of the physical education program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to be physically active and healthy. All students will be physically active and provided with the opportunity to develop fundamental movement skills. The physical education will be fun and challenging, providing students the opportunity for enjoyment, self-expression and social interaction. Emphasis in the program will be placed on helping students achieve their personal best and improve, however competition is an important part of this learning area and students will be taught the social skills to deal with winning and losing. The Bluearth program will be promoted which has a mission to improve the health of all Australians and address the burden associated with our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. The program will provide the opportunity for students to acquire movement skills, concepts and strategies to enable students to competently and creatively participate in a range of sports. Opportunities will be provided for students to apply these skills in competitive environments against other schools and students of similar ages.