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Chinese Learning Area Statements and Targets

Tuart Forest Primary School commenced a Chinese Language and Culture program at the school?s inception in 2013. The Chinese program caters for students from Year 3 to Year 6, with the intent of including the earlier years in the near future. The Chinese Second Language Program is 1 hour per week and students learn language basics and the culture through various activities. The classroom program includes on-line learning and digital activities to immerse and engage students in Chinese Culture, whilst achieving Australian Curriculum outcomes in listening, responding, speaking, reading and writing. These activities may include; stories, songs, games, on-line programs, cross curriculum areas, Asian literacy, partnerships with International Schools and national organisations.

Since 2015 The Confucius Institute of Western Australia has provided a language assistant to our school to support students in extending their literacy repertoire, understand language and culture.

Language learning broadens students? horizons to an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. A capability only in English is only the start; a bilingual or plurilingual capability is the norm in most parts of the world. In 2017, Tuart Forest Primary School is collaborating with Singapore with the Asian Education Foundation on a national project focusing on understanding, interpreting and shaping meaning in intercultural exchange.

Tuart Forest Primary has been working together with the Sister City of Bunbury in Jiaxing of Zhejiang Province, where the Mayors of a few cities have visited our school in 2017. In working with the City of Bunbury, Sister City students get further opportunities to have fun and experience interactive cultural activities throughout the year as the City hosts public events that bring international performers from China to Bunbury.

The Chinese program will work with the Music program to give students a chance to be in a Chinese Assembly every few years to present an array of wonderful Chinese plays, songs or dance to showcase their progress in the Chinese Language program embracing Chinese Culture meaningfully.

Engagement in Chinese Language and Culture Activities

In the next few years, the Chinese program will develop opportunities for students to practice communication and knowledge through partnering with schools in Australia, China and Asia. This will provide an experience of engaging in the linguistic and cultural diversity of our interconnected world and further Asian literacy, whilst building and developing the growth of culturally competent global citizens.