Our School - About Us

Specialist programs at the school are currently Physical Education, Music, Science and Chinese (Mandarin). Key curriculum areas such as English and Mathematics will be taught in a coordinated way utilizing evidence-based approaches that are proven to have high impact, whilst always factoring in the individual needs of students. Your children will be taught by staff who have been selected by merit to teach at the school. We know that the quality of teaching is a major indicator towards how effectively students learn.

Our environment has been carefully considered to promote inquisitiveness, curiosity and creativity. Located in the Shire of Capel, our students will have access to the Shire’s playing fields & facilities during playtime and lessons, and then have easy access to after-school sports practice. The school promotes the use of its facilities by community groups as we believe this supports families and promotes a balanced, healthy lifestyle. We also offer before and after school care on school grounds. This service is provided by OSH Club.

As part of the Dalyellup Cluster of Independent Schools – Tuart Forest Primary School is committed to ensuring we work in harmony with other cluster schools. Sharing expertise between the schools, having common technology platforms and common language programs are some of the ways we will achieve this. Our students can expect the transition to high school will be orderly and as stress-free as possible.

Access to an onsite community garden will provide great opportunities for students to learn about living a sustainable lifestyle. Students will have access to the garden to grow different crops and learn the techniques required to successfully manage a garden environment. The school continues to develop sustainable practices through solar power. Paper recycling will commence throughout the school in 2017 also. This will also help to develop students’ school pride and school identity.